Pedagogy and methods of primary education

Code and classification of the field of education :

6B01 Педагогические науки

Code and names of areas of training :

6B013 Подготовка учителей без предметной специализации

Code and names of education program :

6В01301 Педагогика и методика начального обучения

Period of study : 4 года (3 года)

Degree Awarded : Бакалавр образования по образовательной программе «6В01301 Педагогика и методика начального обучения»

Objective of Education Program

To prepare an elementary school teacher with civic and social responsibility, competent in professional activities, based on personality-oriented and activity approaches, with the use of innovative educational technologies.

Area of Professional Activity

  • pedagogical;

  • organizational and pedagogical;

  • management and pedagogical;

  • research.

Object of Professional Activity

Pedagogical process in general education schools, lyceums, gymnasiums of the first stage of all types and methodical work in educational institutions.

Functions and types of Professional Activity

Functions of Professional Activity :

  • teaching-educational;

  • organizational and managerial;

  • scientific-methodical;

  • plans and organizes educational work in the field of education;

  • organization of subject activity of younger students and management of the process of formation and development of personality;

  • research, analysis, and production of educational literature in the field of pedagogy and methods of primary education;

  • skills of self-analysis and self-education for professional and personal growth;

  • organization of extracurricular activities on the subject: electives, scientific circles, Olympiads and competitions.


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