International relationships

Code and classification of the field of education:

6В03 "Social sciences, journalism and information"

Code and name of the direction of training:

6В031 "Social Sciences"

Code and name of the educational program:

"6B03101 International Relations"

Duration of study: 4 years

Awarded degree: Bachelor of Social Knowledge in the educational program "6B03101 International Relations"

The purpose of the Educational program

To prepare a new type of international managers to perform organizational functions in transnational, international organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations.

The field of professional activity

  • system of international relations;

  • the activities of international organizations and associations;

  • problems and trends in the development of world politics;

  • issues of national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other states;

  • activities of government bodies and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan working in the field of foreign policy relations;

  • pedagogical activity.

Object of professional activity

  • world politics;

  • modern conflicts and methods of their settlement;

  • geopolitical fundamentals;

  • diplomatic etiquette and protocol;

  • history of diplomacy;

  • subsystems of the world community;

  • international relations;

  • practical and theoretical aspects of international organizations that can have a significant impact on international events;

  • global problems of the modern world.

Functions and types of professional activities Functions of professional activities

Functions of professional activity:

  • analysis of events and phenomena in the system of international relations, current problems of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the formulation of foreign policy objectives;

  • organization of information and analytical work;

  • development of scientifically based practical recommendations for government bodies and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan working in the field of foreign policy relations in the preparation and implementation of foreign policy decisions;

  • providing advice in the framework of regional and international issues;

  • organization of work of international structures of state and non-state enterprises and organizations.

Types of professional activity:

  • analysis of the leading trends and processes of modern international relations;

  • analysis of external and internal factors in the framework of the studied specialization;

  • the ability to determine and justify the interests and positions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the world stage;

  • to apply knowledge gained in the sulfur of international business;

  • forecasting and modeling of the state foreign policy in the sphere of international political processes.


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