In coverage of Higher education, Kazakhstan is decreasing in global index of competitiveness of the World Economic Forum (2006 – 34th place, 2017 – 63rd place).

According to the data of the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, the quantity of Kazakhstan citizens, studying in foreign universities was increased from 1999 – 2017 by 4.4 times (from 20.2k people to 89.6k people). During this period in the World, this indicator was raised by 2.2 times and in Russia by 2.1. Although, the number of youth in Russia more in 7 times than in Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, the number of students studying abroad prevails in 32.7k, than Russian citizen students abroad RF.

In Nur-Sultan the youth number (15-29 age) is increasing (2017 – 238k. people, 2030 – 260k people). In the nearest 6 years, the quantity of Nur-Sultan students will grow by 105k people. There is a necessity to train more than 5k teachers (840 teachers per year).

The next 15 years in Kazakhstan, growth of the number of potential entrants are expected. In 2022, the number will increase by 57k people, in 2031 – 180k people. The young people will face the problem in accessing qualitative Higher education.

The capitals of many countries, at the same time, are their students’ capitals with an average share of the student’s population 10% (5% in Nur-Sultan).

The available academic capacities of 17 higher education institutions of Nur-Sultan do not satisfy growing requirements as 9 tightly specialized higher education institutions, at 6 small private higher education institutions study on average 1.5k of students and only two large versatile higher education institutions perform training of specialists in Nur-Sultan: Nazarbayev university and the Eurasian National University.

The decrease in positions of Kazakhstan in the global index of competitiveness in coverage of the Higher education, the growth of the number of youth and entrants in Nur-Sultan, increase in demand at the Kazakhstan students for foreign education caused the necessity of the modern international university creation in Nur-Sultan with the participation of world partner Higher education institutions.

April 21, 2018 - Astana International University (AIU) was established.

September 2018 – the beginning of the training 200 Masters-teachers: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, IT specialties, for teaching STEM subjects in English on the grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

In a partnership with the Kazakh branch office Moscow State University, Master programs: Regional Economics, Ecology and Environmental Management were organized. Programs are adapted for real Akimats’ requests; the tasks of third modernization and digitalization were taking into account.

AIU in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Suleyman Demirel University, Bilim Innovation Lyceum, Humanitarian College of Astana are planning to prepare teachers of Elementary Schools and teachers of Preschool Education.

General information of AIU


Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan,
Kabanbay batyr avenue 8
Phone: +7 (7172) 24-04-03
+ 7- (747) -675-87-86



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